How Trump and the GOP can win the Rust Belt

President Donald Trump has not been able to secure the backing of any major party candidate for the White House in the past 18 months, and Republicans have struggled to find their footing.

But a Republican candidate who has successfully appealed to the Rustbelt region’s white working class is rising in Iowa, according to new polling.

The latest Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics poll shows former Republican senator Evan Bayh, who has a large advantage over Trump in the state, is now leading Democratic rival Chuck Schumer in a hypothetical general election matchup, 52-45 percent.

The poll was conducted between Dec. 12 and 16 among 604 likely Iowa voters, including 1,004 registered Republicans and 823 likely Democrats.

In addition, the pollsters interviewed 614 likely voters on landlines and cellphone.

Among the most interesting findings:In addition to Bayh’s strong lead among white voters, the Democrat is ahead among Democrats and independents, according the poll, while Bayh is tied with the GOP’s Chuck Schumer.

In the state’s large manufacturing towns, Bayh and Schumer are neck and neck in the race, and Bayh has a sizable advantage among Democrats.

Trump’s job approval rating among the working class remains at about 45 percent.

This has been the case in recent weeks, however, and in the last few weeks the president has been trying to reassure workers that his administration is doing everything possible to bring jobs back to the United States.

Bayh’s campaign has spent heavily on outreach in the Rustsiest part of the state.

Bayh hosted a rally in Des Moines last weekend, and his campaign recently hired a top aide to work on building relationships with local and state officials.

In an interview with The Washington Post last week, Bayah said he was confident in his ability to attract voters.

But the senator’s efforts have come with a cost.

Bayah’s candidacy has been hampered by the growing influence of billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, who are running to replace Trump in Congress and to block a federal bailout for struggling industries.

Both of the Koch brothers are staunch conservatives and have spent millions on ads attacking Bayh.

The Koch brothers have been waging a media war against Bayh since the beginning of the year, with several outlets and conservative bloggers attacking the senator.

A number of Bayh backers have called for Bayh to step down as senator, and some Bayh supporters have taken to the airwaves to denounce Bayh as a puppet of the billionaires.

The Des Moines area is home to a large number of companies that are located in the manufacturing sector.

The region is also home to many small businesses, which make up about one-fifth of the region’s workforce.

Trump has sought to appeal to the manufacturing workers, and the Des Moines region has seen an increase in the number of manufacturing jobs in recent years.

In recent weeks he has visited Rust Belt cities such as St. Louis and Detroit.

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