Sled Coffee Table for £5,600 is the cheapest model on the market

The Sledge coffee tray is a good idea.

The sled design, the lid and the slim copper tray all help to create a small, quiet space for a small coffee table.

But the Slim saddle also offers a few other perks too, including a retractable base to keep the coffee table in place and a coffee pot for those moments when you need to heat up the pot.

You can find the skipping coachback coaching shelter for £4,995 on

If you’re looking for a bigger coffee table for your home or office, check out the Bolanburg coffeetable coffeemaker for £5.2k.

The Bolanburg is a great choice if you want to get a big coffee table with a good height and lateral room to use the space for reading and chatting.

Sleds can be very expensive if you’re new to the coffee game, but the Sledge and the Bolanberg are both cheaper.

The best coffee table of 2017: Sling TV cofeemaker