How to fold a natural coffee table

By LISA MUNRO, Associated PressGreen coffee tables have been a favorite for years, but a new kind of folding coffee table is a step closer to being a reality.

The folding coffee tables are made of plastic and can be easily bent, but the plastic folding table is the ultimate in convenience, said Chris Gossett, a manufacturer of folding table products at the company Cinch Folding.

Gossett is building a new line of folding tables for a small business in Florida that specializes in catering to people who have trouble folding their own tables.

The company also sells a folding table for use in an office and an outdoor folding table.

The first folding table will be available in January, he said.

A second model is planned for a spring 2014 launch.

The Cinch folding table folds down into a smaller box that folds in half at the bottom, Gossetts said.

Each folded section of the folding table weighs less than an ounce, so it won’t make much of a dent in your desk when you fold it, he added.

Cinch Flinging is one of a handful of companies making the folding coffeetable, said Andrew Cottrell, a product manager at Cinch.

The folding table can be used as a desk or a shelf, Cottell said.

The company has sold about 2,500 of its folding tables in the past year, he noted.

The tables can fold up to 12 inches wide, Cattrell said.

Goddett and his team at Canch were hoping to sell their new folding coffee Table 2.0, which is also known as the Cinch Table 2, by spring 2014.

That’s when the company hopes to introduce folding tables with more storage space, said Cottells vice president of business development, Chris Gaskill.

The table also comes with a folding shelf that can be folded flat to make it a shelf or can be placed on a counter.

Cottells folding table comes in three different sizes: a standard, a folding and a compact.

It can be purchased with a plastic stand that can support a maximum of 12 cubic inches of table space.

The stand comes with two mounting holes on each side of the table, and there’s a shelf mount that can slide over the top of the stand.

The table can also be used with an iPad and a smartphone.

The standard model comes with three storage slots.

The top of each storage slot has two sides that are lined with silicone pads, making it easier to stack the table up.

There’s also a shelf support that comes with an attachment point on the bottom of the storage slot.

There’s no word yet on when the Canch folding table may become available.

Cottill said the company is working with manufacturers to determine which materials are used to make the table.

Canch has partnered with an American company, the Nautilus Corporation, to manufacture the folding tables.

That company makes the plastic table.

Cinch says it has about 100 orders of the Cunch Table 2 and hopes to get them into the hands of the coffee industry by the end of the year.

For more information on the folding coffeemaking table, go to the Associated Press website.

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