How to make a white coffee table with an Asian coffee table

I recently had the honor of working with a few Asian designers on a coffee table.

It was something they wanted to try, and so, naturally, I asked them what it was like to be working with an actual Asian designer.

Here’s what they had to say: 1.

The Designer: Aimee Iqbal-Jumail 1.

Aimees designer experience in Singapore.

A.I. is a designer and producer in Singapore who has been designing since 2009.

Her passion for design is evident in her work as a photographer, a freelance fashion photographer and freelance graphic designer.

I was impressed with the way she used to work with a team of two and how her work style is very collaborative and flexible.


Design Process: She started out by getting a sketch from her mother and using a pen to outline what the design will look like.

She then proceeded to sketch a mock-up of the finished product in Adobe Illustrator.


How To Make A White Coffee Table: She first worked with a white table made out of cardboard, cardboard with a wood frame and cardboard with wood legs.


The Details: A. Iq Baljal-Jumsail is a member of the Singapore Society of Asian Architects and has been working in Singapore for over 10 years.

She was inspired to become a designer after visiting China and India.

She started her design career in Singapore in 2003.

A white coffee Table is a very simple design but the materials used are so versatile.

A lot of the pieces are made of cardboard and wooden pieces are used to make the wooden frame, so it will definitely be functional.


How to Make A Wooden Coffee Table with a Wooden Frame: It took about 20 minutes to make, the work took less than an hour.

The furniture is made of a wood, so I was very happy with the finished outcome.


What To Look For: Iq’s expertise is in making wooden furniture.

She is a certified woodworker and she knows the wood and the techniques that are required to make furniture that is durable and comfortable.


Design Tips: If you are a fan of traditional Asian design, I think you will like the design of this coffee table and it is so simple.

I have been making this coffeetable for two years now and I can tell you that I have made this design multiple times since I started working in the design industry.

A good designer knows how to incorporate their own personality into their designs and that is something I admire so much about Aimeen’s design.


How Can You Help: You can help out Aimeem by sharing the project on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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