When a designer says no to a project, it means she has a better chance of success

A new study suggests that when designers say no to projects, they may actually have a better shot of success than their peers.

The researchers looked at the responses of over 30,000 design professionals and found that if a client says no, they were less likely to be hired, which may not be a bad thing for the design team.

In a study published this week in the journal Design & Content, the researchers used a technique called a cross-validation to track responses from design professionals.

They used a dataset of over 5 million design-related job applications to create an online tool that tracked the design responses of designers from around the world.

The results show that if the design professional was willing to give up their own work to work on a project that was being considered by a client, their chances of being hired by a design firm was significantly higher.

The study’s authors, Michael Sacks and Sarah Baughman, say that their study found that when a client rejected a project from a designer, they had a better overall chance of getting hired than the next design professional who didn’t reject the project.

However, they caution that this doesn’t necessarily mean that a client won’t give up on a design project, as many companies do this to keep their designs on the market.

“If a client’s rejection was based on the design’s quality, then the response to this rejection may not reflect the quality of the design,” the authors wrote.

“However, if the rejection was due to a perceived lack of interest from the client, then this rejection might be the first sign that the client’s interest is not being reciprocated.”

The study also found that while a client might not reject a project due to an unwillingness to work for the company, it may be a good idea for a client to make a request that is in line with their client’s needs and expectations.

For example, if a designer was asked to work with a client that wants to sell furniture in a different location, and they are working on a furniture store in a city that does not have a large furniture retailing market, they might want to work there instead of a new furniture design firm that is currently working on that particular project.

In this case, the client may want to give their designer a chance to improve the project and provide a better product.

“There is a tendency in design to work as a team to produce high-quality products and create the best work,” the study said.

“When a client has this expectation, they will often reject a design that is not in line.”

In the study, the study participants were asked to rate their confidence level with the design.

In the case of a design rejection, the designers had to work through a two-day interview process to provide the survey responses.

Participants also were asked if they had given up on their own design work due to the client.

The more confidence that the designers expressed in their response, the more likely they were to say they would have a good chance of being successful in their new job.

The paper also found a relationship between design confidence and a client satisfaction with the project: if a design is perceived as poor, a client will generally expect that the design is better than their previous design.

If the design was perceived as good, a design team might want their designers to work more closely with the client in order to improve it.

When the researchers took the design questions out of the survey, they found that the respondents’ confidence level also had an effect on their response.

The research shows that if clients expect their design team to be good at their work, then they will tend to reject the work.

“This suggests that if you are a designer who feels that your team is not working together, you may want your design team not to work in the same space with other designers,” the researchers wrote.

[Image Credit: Lidia Durocher/Flickr]

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