How to order a coffee table from Havertys

Haverty’s Coffee Table Co. will be opening its first coffee table restaurant in Jerusalem, on Saturday, April 20.

The cafe will be situated at a location that was previously occupied by Haverty Bros. & Co. Coffee Co. on the Old City’s seafront.

It will serve coffee and pastries from its two roasters, Haverty &amp.; Co. and Haverty Haverty.

The Jerusalem Post reports that the Haverty family owns the restaurant, which will open its doors at 9:00 a.m.

The Haverty Brothers, Ha’avir and Ravi, founded the family-run coffee chain in 1975.

It’s located in a building formerly used by the Haftar family in the neighborhood of Old City, which is home to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall.

Haverty’s first coffee shop opened in January 2017.

The location of the new cafe will take its name from Ha’Avir Haverty, the former owner of Haverty Co. He is the brother of the Havers Brothers.

Haverty havers, who also owns the Ha-Yehudi restaurant in the Old Town, was among the first to start serving coffee in the country.

He opened the first Haverty cafe in the capital’s Old City in 1981, which became known as “the first cafĂ© to serve coffee in Jerusalem.”

Havertys has been serving coffee and other drinks since 1984.

The Haverty brothers were the first Israelis to serve in the US.