Coffee table top in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest coffee table

Coffee tables are still the most popular form of tableware, with around one in four people using one in five of them to make coffee.

But there’s been a surge in popularity in recent years and it seems that a new brand is set to be on top.

According to the Guinness World Records website, the world record for the largest coffee-table top in terms of square footage is now held by a German designer, Stefan Moltmann, who has set the Guinness world record of being the first person to make a coffee table out of cream.

Moltmann first created the coffee table with his grandfather in 2005, and the German brand is now selling its coffee table top on the world market.

“It was really a challenge, because we were really young, and we didn’t know how to use the coffee and how to make the cream,” he said.

The Swiss-based Moltman said his grandfather wanted the coffee tables to be made from wood, but he found a way to use plastic and a few scraps from a sofa cushions to make them.

“When I was young I loved making tablecloths and now I have a passion for furniture design,” he explained.

“I have to give a lot of credit to my grandfather, because I had this idea and he came up with the idea to make this table with coffee, and then he also said, ‘If you don’t have cream, don’t put it in it’.”

“I thought, ‘well, we have cream in the cup, but we also have cream on the table’.”‘

Coffee table top is the new coffee table’The Moltmans said they were keen to use a different material from cream to make their coffee table so they could use a more traditional tablecloth to make it, and they have used a lot more plastic than cream for the cream.

“For the cream we use a lot less plastic, but for the coffee we used more, so we can use a whole lot less,” he added.

The coffee table will go on sale in March, and will be available in six different styles, including the standard coffee table and a standard coffee bar.

“There will be a standard version, and you can buy a coffee bar that has a separate table, a different coffee table.

So it’s not just a table that is cream.

There is a separate bar, and it’s a really good product,” he told The Australian Financial Review.”

You can buy them in a lot fewer colors, and so there’s a lot easier to find them in the market.”

The company also plans to sell coffee table accessories, including coffee grinders and coffee spoons, and coffee filters.

“We also have coffee cups, so you can get coffee with coffee,” Mr Moltmeier said.

“And the coffee filters are for the whole coffee table.”

The coffee chain said customers will be able to choose from several different coffee options, from the standard, to the coffee bar, a coffee grinder, and a coffee filter.

“The standard coffee has a little bit more of a vanilla flavor and a bit of a creaminess, whereas the coffee filter has a bit more coffee flavor, but there is still coffee in it, as well,” Mr Roesler said.

“If you want to get more cream, you can add coffee, which gives a different flavor to the cup.”

The coffee maker also comes with a coffee-themed card that includes a coffee mug, a sticker and a sticker card that says “Coffees can’t be separated.”

Customers can also pick from different coffee flavors including vanilla, strawberry and coffee creme, which will be sold separately.

The company is hoping to start selling the coffee-based accessories at its flagship stores in Australia and New Zealand in the second half of 2018.