A look back at the best of the best from MTV’s ’90s wave of pop-culture nostalgia

In 1997, MTV launched its new reality TV network and instantly became a huge hit, with viewers clamoring to see the stars they idolized.

In the process, it also became a brand.

MTV was also one of the first major labels to launch a streaming service, MTV2, and in 2000, the label signed a deal with Google.

In 2000, MTV was acquired by Sony Music, and since then, it has continued to grow its audience through original content, including music videos and a variety of branded merchandise.

With a new decade behind it, it’s time to revisit the top 10 albums of the 1990s that you’ve missed, as well as the top 20 albums of 2016.

Top 10 albums 1990s albums Top 10 Albums of the ’90S 1.

In Utopia 2.

My Love Is Like The World To Me 3.

This Is Not To Say I Want To Return To The Old Days 4.

Bizarro 5.

I Don’t Care About The Money 6.

In The Air Tonight 7.

The Girl 7.

What About The Girl 8.

You Have Been Living Too Long 8.

Love Is A Battlefield 9.

You Got To Remember 9.

This Time 10.

Bitter Sweet Truth