Coffee table cover from “Pulp Fiction”

The cover for “Pulitzer Prize-winning author and New Yorker cover writer Jonathan Lethem’s memoir, Pulitzer Prize winner ‘Pulp’: A Memoir” is stunning.

Lethem takes a look at how the world has changed in the past decade or so and then uses the cover to make a point about the role of art in our world.

The cover features the iconic “P”, for Pulitzer, on a coffee table with a stylized stylized word “P” in a stylization that looks more like an open mouth.

The word is printed on the front and back of the cover, which has a fold-out paper cover.

The text on the cover is the same word, but the word is colored differently.

The “Puzzle” word has a more traditional font and looks more “normal” in color.

The other word is a stylistic representation of the word “poem” that has been used in Pulitzer awards for over 50 years.

The stylized “P-word” is not only the word used in the book, but it’s also used as the title of the book.

This stylized version of “P.L. Travers” was featured in a 2014 issue of The New Yorker.

Here’s a look behind the scenes of the Pulitzer cover.