How to get rid of your $500 coffee table

I have a $500 $1,200 table I can’t figure out how to remove.

How do I get rid?

I don’t have a tool.

I just need a word.

And this article is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s what to do if you can’t find an easy solution: 1.

Use a table saw and your fingers and fingers alone.

This is the easiest solution for the most part, and you can easily remove your coffee table with a table knife.

Use the table saw to cut the top off, then cut away the plastic, rubber, and metal around the edges.

This removes most of the plastic.

If you have to cut through some rubber to get at the metal, you can use a little metal file or sandpaper.


Use your fingers to pull out the plastic and metal and then the rubber.

If that’s too much work, a drill can also do the job.


Put your coffee cup and lid on the table and start carving away at the plastic (you can use some scissors or an offset saw to help, but the table will be easier to remove with a knife).

You can then use your other hand to gently pry away the remaining plastic.


When you’ve done that, you’re done.

Now, you’ll probably want to remove some other pieces of plastic.

These should be left in place.

If your table is large enough to accommodate the coffee cups, you may want to add some padding around the bottom so it’s easier to access them later.

If the coffee table isn’t quite large enough, you could use a big piece of foamboard or other non-stick material.

But for smaller tables, you might want to use the plastic to make a table top for your children to play on.

And if you have kids, you probably want some padding on the edges, too.


If possible, try to use some kind of paintbrush or paint scraper to clean up the plastic parts.

It’s easier and less messy to use a sharp knife than a file, but there are plenty of products available for people who want a little more professional-looking work.

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