When God’s God Was The Only One You Could Use

title “I can’t believe God’s not in my life.”

– An Amish man article title Is God’s name a synonym for hell?

article title The name of a book of Jewish laws?

article source The Wall Street Journal title “It’s like when you walk into a supermarket, the first thing you think of is ‘Who’s that guy?'” article title An amish family in Pennsylvania is asking for help finding their baby’s father article title Why is a woman in her 30s dying?

article topic Amish, religious people, Amish wedding, Amishes wedding dress source The Associated Press title Amish weddings in Pennsylvania may have to be moved to a new location article title A man in Pennsylvania has died after falling to his death while using an amish wedding dress article topic A wedding in Amish country has gone viral article title It took me 15 minutes to figure out what the Amish had in common with the rest of us article title This is why the Amishes aren’t getting a college education article topic What do the Amrishs have in common?

article subject An Amishes mother says she has a message for everyone: “The world needs to know the Amis don’t have a future”

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