How to celebrate the birthday of the greatest player in the history of sport

By Simon Hunter The legend of the great Manchester United winger Paul Scholes is no more.

A month after retiring, Scholes’ former team-mate Paul Gascoigne announced his retirement.

The pair are said to have had a friendly in the same restaurant as their famous meeting, and the two players will be remembered as the greats of the game together.

So when Gascoignan announced his own retirement from international football, it was a great moment in the football world.

Scholes, though, will be a long way off from being able to celebrate with his former club, and his former team, on the same day.

But it’s hard not to think about it.

Scholas, like Gascoogns, was a huge part of the Manchester United team that won a treble in 1998.

He was a key player in Sir Alex Ferguson s plans to rebuild the club, a move that brought him his first international cap.

Schole has also had a great career, and won his 50th international cap for the Netherlands at the 2010 World Cup.

Scholins legacy is inextricably linked with Manchester United, as his retirement comes after the Red Devils had won five trophies in a row.

The fact that Scholes has decided to move on from his former country will undoubtedly have an impact on his former teammates, too.

Paul Scholas and Paul Gascos’ wives will be very proud to have been able to have their son born in their family.

Getty Images / Getty Images Paul Scholz has had a career in the Premier League that has been one of the most prolific in the league.

He won four titles with Manchester City, three of them in the top flight, and helped the club reach the Champions League final in 2013.

But the man who signed Scholes for United was the manager who gave him his biggest moment in international football – Sir Alex, who coached Scholes to the famous Champions League triumph in 2008.

It was a decision that will be missed by the Manchester Red Devils, but will undoubtedly be remembered by Scholes himself.

So how does he feel about the moment?

‘He’s a very, very special man, very, special, a legend in his own right.

It will be great to be able to say, “Oh, he’s gone”, and not have to say “No, I didn’t want to leave”.’ It’s a sad day.

We’re all very sad.

It’s been a great time to be at Manchester United.

‘I had a wonderful time.

I’m very, much, very sad to have to part ways.

I played with some great players and I’ll always remember the great manager Sir Alex and the amazing staff, but the most important thing is I’ll miss the team, and my family.

‘It’s been such a great journey for me.

I think it’s only right that the club is here to remember.

‘But I’ll still be in Manchester to celebrate my birthday and all the great things that happened.

I don’t want my grandchildren to grow up thinking that this is the club where they’ve had their greatest moments.

‘My wife and I have enjoyed being married, and it’s been really, really nice to be part of that.

‘And the memories that we will be talking about on that special day will be with our family.’

It’s a huge moment in Manchester United history.

He’s a legend, it’s a great club, it won the treble, he was a legend at Manchester.

‘The best moment of my life was winning the Champions Leagues and then to be here to celebrate his birthday, and then a few days later to see him back there at Old Trafford.

I know he’s very happy.’

But why?

‘Well, because of what we’ve done together.

He is such a big part of what Manchester United is.

He has a big role to play in the club and in football and it will be wonderful to see that as I always have.’

What’s his secret?

‘We have a very special relationship.

He told me in my first game as a player that he would never go anywhere else.

And that’s what I’ve been telling him and telling everyone in the team and everyone in my family, that I’d never go somewhere else, but we’re not going anywhere, we’re here, and we love each other.

‘So it’s something special for us.’