The Lad: The Story of a Famous Family Business

By Laura Stiles | 09/24/2018 10:03:29My father was a very successful coffee bar owner.

His son, John, is an entrepreneur.

John has built a successful coffee shop with the help of his father, and he is currently selling coffee.

John is an avid outdoorsman, and his business has been very successful.

He also enjoys cooking, and enjoys a good coffee.

My dad says he has always loved to cook and his wife, Amy, is also a very talented chef.

When my father was selling his coffee shop, he was told that the customers would not want to wait in line for hours to buy a cup of coffee.

The idea of a line was just too stressful for him.

Since my dad bought his coffee store, it has become a very popular location for the family.

So many of my father’s customers come from out of town and they want to buy their coffee from him.

John, who is a good cook, says he enjoys cooking.

As a result of my dad’s success, my father is now very successful as an entrepreneur, with a coffee shop that is selling coffee on the weekends.

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