How to make a coffee table that will last you a lifetime

We’ve all had those moments in our lives when we need a coffee cup, but never the right size.

With a few tweaks to the design and some basic assembly, we have created a beautiful table that is perfect for every occasion.

Read more Here’s how to make it:1.

Get the right kind of coffee1.1 Choose the right cup.

This is the biggest factor in determining the right coffee table.

Choose one that is a medium or large size, as it will help to reduce the amount of space required for your food and beverages.

Choose the same size cup for your tea or coffee too.2.

Measure your height2.1 Measure your entire height and width.

This will help you determine how tall your table is and will help determine the width of your cup.2,2,1Measure your height from your chest to the edge of the cup.

Measure from the base of the coffee table to the top edge of your table.3.

Use a ruler to determine how long your cup will be3.1 Use a measurement ruler or tape measure to measure from the tip of your coffee cup to the bottom edge of each cup.

If you’re making a coffee machine, measure from bottom to top edge.4.

Measure the length of the espresso cup.

The shorter the longer the espresso will be.5.

Make a note of how long the bottom of the machine is.6.

Measure and mark the distance between the bottom and top of the cups.7.

Use tape measure or ruler to measure your height.8.

Mark the top of each of the three cups with a dot.

If you’re going to be using a machine with an adjustable height, mark the bottom with a straight line.9.

Measure along the diagonal line from the bottom to the center of the table.10.

Mark one edge of a cup with a circle.

Use the circle to mark the width at which the cup will extend.11.

Measure in the center.

This mark will be the starting point for the table to begin with.12.

Cut out your desired coffee cup and the base for your coffee machine.13.

Add the cup to your coffee table by lining it up with the top edges of the two cups on the coffee machine and placing the coffee base on top of it.14.

Now, you have two different coffee cups for a total of three.15.

Place your cup in the centre of the tables top two cups.16.

Place the second cup on top and fill up the other two cups with coffee.17.

You’re done!