Why the Seahawks should be really excited about the return of RB Marshawn Lynch

Posted November 28, 2018 07:33:54When Seahawks running back Marshaight Lynch returned to the field last Sunday, he was expected to carry the ball and be a big factor in Seattle’s victory over the Cardinals.

But while he was certainly the team’s most efficient running back last year, the Seattle backfield has suffered in the backfield, as the Seahawks have lost four of their past five games.

With Lynch and his new teammates coming back into the lineup for the first time since Week 7, we decided to break down some of the reasons why Lynch might be a better fit for the Seahawks in 2018.

Here are five reasons why the Seahawks will be a much more explosive offense with Lynch back.1.

Lynch can carry the load: Lynch is a natural back who can get the ball to his receivers.

He’s been able to do this since he arrived in Seattle from Green Bay, and he’s a much better fit in this offense than he was in Green Bay.

He’ll be a threat to make big plays, and the Seahawks don’t have many options who can’t be that threat.2.

Lynch’s ability to carry carries: Lynch’s most obvious role will be on the ground.

The Seahawks run the ball a lot, but they often take a lot of it away because they don’t throw it in space.

When Lynch can run, they’re very, very effective.

He can run a standard three-receiver set and then throw a deep out to Baldwin.

If you look at the stat line, that’s a total of five carries for the season.3.

Lynch will be able to throw the ball better: The Seahawks have a lot more weapons to throw to, but Lynch is going to be more dangerous with his ability to throw when he needs to be.

His ability to be a very consistent runner will help the Seahawks’ offense as the season goes on.4.

He doesn’t need to run as much: The run game is a big part of the offense, and if you’re not going to run it, you need to be able a) to get open and b) be able make a play with the ball.

Lynch was able to run the football in 2016, but that wasn’t a good year for him.5.

He won’t be as consistent as he used to be: In 2016, Lynch averaged 4.8 yards per carry, which was his worst since 2008.

But he was also a big, physical back and can get open.

So far this year, he’s averaging 2.7 yards per run, which is his lowest since 2010.