Why Japan’s rice is now the best in the world

When you look at the number of varieties of rice in the country, it makes a lot of sense.

It’s a relatively inexpensive commodity that is grown by farmers with little or no government assistance.

In fact, most of the rice grown in Japan has been imported for the past 30 years or so.

But what’s happened in the past two decades is that Japanese rice has gotten far more expensive, and that has meant that prices have increased.

The average price of a kilogram of Japanese rice in Japan now tops out at more than US$3,500 ($6,300) per kilogram.

That is up more than 25 per cent in a decade, as Japan’s population has grown and the cost of production has risen.

While it’s true that Japan’s economy is struggling, the country is still a major producer of rice.

In the last two years, the Japanese government has invested nearly US$2 billion ($2.5 billion) in rice farming.

In Japan, the number and quality of rice varieties are a matter of personal taste, not government policy.

The government says rice is a food that is important for healthy diets, but critics say that it has become a cheap commodity that can be used to boost food prices.

The government has tried to crack down on cheap rice.

Last year, it introduced strict rules on the supply of rice, which included a requirement for farmers to buy the cheapest grains and use them for only three months.

In an effort to boost the price of rice by 30 per cent, Japanese farmers planted rice varieties that were much better for producing higher yields and higher prices.

These new varieties had to be imported from other countries.

It was not a popular move, as farmers who purchased these new rice varieties had little incentive to buy them in the first place.

To make matters worse, these imported varieties often suffered from pests, and even the rice that was planted in Japan was often a poor crop.

But the government said it did not have the resources to stop it, so the rules were lifted.

In the meantime, Japan has seen its rice prices skyrocket, with prices in some regions rising by more than 80 per cent.

In some areas, rice prices have gone up more by 100 per cent or more.

It also means that consumers are now buying cheaper rice.

The country’s food safety regulator, the Food and Drug Administration, is now cracking down on imports.

It has ordered companies importing rice to do a better job of ensuring the rice they are buying has not been contaminated with pests.

But it is not clear what measures will be taken to reduce the amount of contaminated rice.

The agency is also looking at whether to issue warnings to retailers about the risk of contamination.

This has led to speculation that the government is planning to raise the price even further.

The Japanese government is the biggest buyer of rice overseas.

It purchases most of its rice from other nations, but its rice is also imported to Japan.

The country has the world’s second-largest rice export market, with US$1.6 billion ($1.9 billion) worth of rice going to other countries in 2016.

The rise in rice prices has also had an effect on the Japanese consumer.

The consumer is looking for more bang for their buck, and in Japan, that means cheaper rice and a bigger appetite for cheaper goods.

The latest research, conducted by the Japan Institute for Research in Economics, shows that in Japan’s latest crop year, in 2021, consumers were willing to pay $10 to $20 more for rice than they were two years earlier.

That trend is likely to continue.

According to the latest report from the Japan Food Institute, Japan’s domestic rice consumption rose by 7.4 per cent to 7.2 million tonnes in 2021.

That was a 16 per cent increase from the previous year.

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