Fierce competition: New York coffee table has an ‘exotic’ feel for locals

An unusual new furniture concept is taking shape in New York City.

The $10,000 coffee table features an aluminum frame and a glass base with a unique shape and design.

The coffee table was designed by the designer Alexei Shirov and is the latest in a line of coffee table designs created by a Russian-born Russian entrepreneur.

It’s designed to help people stay in their chairs when they’re on the go and it’s a great addition to any space, he said.

Its not just about sitting down, Shirotov said.

The tables are also a great way to get in touch with nature.

They’re built for a whole range of outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, and boating, and they can also be used as a table for parties.

Shirov says the coffee table is one of the most unique designs he’s ever seen.

He’s designed more than 30 coffee tables and says his designs are unique because he’s trying to make things that are unique to him and unique to the city he lives in.

“I think it’s very unusual, the design of the coffee tables,” he said in a telephone interview from Moscow.

He says he wants to create something that’s truly unique, and that’s why he chose a city with such a rich history and a history of people from different cultures.

“I wanted to be in a city that has the best quality coffee, and the best espresso, and I was very happy to find out that the best coffee is made in New Orleans, and it has an exotic feel to it.

It’s a different coffee that has an unusual look and feel to the rest of the world,” he added.

It has a glass top that slides open and lets you sit comfortably on it.

You can adjust the height and tilt it, and its a very natural experience.

And the whole design is unique.

It feels like it was designed for me and my family,” Shirovsaid.

The design is meant to help a family enjoy time spent outdoors and relax in the shade of their own home.

Shironov said he’s always liked the look of the table.”

I think the design has a lot of different elements and the coffee can be added to the design.

The coffee table can be used for a table and also as a stand, or you can add a shelf to it for your books, a coffee cup for your coffee, or a coffee table for your desk, and you can also have a table in the corner for the table and for a shelf for your documents, and so on,” he explained.