Amish coffee tables: New $6,000 chairs add luxury to Amish living

By AP Sports WriterAmmish Coffee Table – $6K, 6ft.

x 12ft.

– 4,000 sq.ft.

Amish Coffee Tables – $9,000, 8ft.

× 6ft., 6ft x 4ft.

The American Amish family moved to northern New Jersey in the late 1700s, when they were fleeing the English Puritans.

Today, the Amish form the largest religious community in America.

A community of more than 3 million people in all, the community of Amish, also known as the “New Jersey Amish,” is made up of over 2,000 villages.

It is the only American community in the world to maintain its traditional lifestyle, including traditional cooking, a religious calendar, and a traditional clothing style.

The Amish live in a style of living that is rooted in the Bible and their faith.

They follow a strict diet that excludes dairy and eggs, and live in tents and huts.

The Amish don’t smoke or drink alcohol, and their daily meals are prepared by an Amish woman.

They live a lifestyle of strict piety that is very closely aligned with the Bible.

Ammishes coffee table is a customarily constructed, 6 ft. x 9 ft. wood chair with a diamond-cut back.

The chair is made from solid oak, and comes with a set of six wood and silver handles.

It measures 12 feet tall and 8 feet wide.

The back of the chair is adorned with a golden plate with the Amiski, the name of the Amishes god.

The plate reads, “Ammites coffee table.”

The chair is available in five colors: white, red, green, brown and blue.

A white-glazed black one is $7,995.

The chair comes with two silver and two brown handles.

The wood back is a traditional Amish pattern, with an outline of an oak tree on the front.

The back of each of the six handles is adorned by a gold plate.

The front of the wood back has a diamond cut-out that reads, in part, “The Amiskis coffee table”.