An industrial coffee table with a glass display case may be just what you’re looking for

An industrial-looking coffee table may soon make its way to your living room, thanks to the work of a team at Yale University.

The Yale-affiliated design studio, called Yale University Press, has been creating a variety of unique coffee tables for the last two years.

They use a combination of traditional and modern materials, and they’ve found a way to use materials that are both durable and versatile.

The new table, designed by Yale graduate student Jonathan S. Stein, is a glass coffee table that can be used as a display case, a stand for a refrigerator or a desk for work.

The table is a collaboration between Yale, Sotheby’s, and Wysstfield, and it’s expected to go on sale later this year.

It uses stainless steel and wood for its frame, and the table is built with a curved edge to provide additional protection for the sides.

The sides of the table also come in two sizes to accommodate different seating configurations, and a second, lower height is available to fit an iPad and laptop.

Sotheby sotheby, a British-based luxury art and heritage house, partnered with Yale to produce the coffee table.

Sothebys CEO Christopher C. Crouch explained the partnership in a statement:The coffee table has been designed with a high-quality, low-cost production process to make it the most affordable and accessible table on the market.

A coffee table from Yale is the only one in the world made in this way.

Sole and single-sided coffee tables are available at the retail level, and some are also made in the traditional fashion.

They are available in a range of shapes and sizes, ranging from a coffee table for a wedding to a table for entertaining friends and family.

The coffee table’s sleek design is a striking contrast to the traditional glass tables, which have a curved design and are usually made of hard plastic.

The Yale-designed table, by contrast, is made from stainless steel, which makes it easier to hold and more durable.