What you need to know about the Starbucks Coffee chain in Australia

Coffee chain Starbucks is set to expand into Sydney and Melbourne in a deal announced by the country’s major retailers on Tuesday.

Starbucks Australia announced the deal with the Sydney-based Woolworths, as well as Woolworth’s Australia and the National Australia Bank.

The Sydney-headquartered coffee chain will open up to 100 new stores and a new franchise store in the Sydney CBD and surrounding area in 2021.

“Starbucks is a global brand and we have always positioned ourselves to be a global coffee chain, and today we are thrilled to join Woolworth and the Woolworth Group in a new strategic alliance,” Woolworth chairman David Gough said.

“The new partnership will enable us to expand our retail presence and build on our strong relationships with the major retailers in the region, including Woolworth, The Warehouse, Cabela’s, The Hobart Group, The Big Box and JB Hi-Fi.”

I’m confident the new store and franchise agreements will benefit all of us in Sydney and the surrounding areas,” Mr Gough added.

Starbuck is set for a $1 billion expansion into Sydney.