How to choose the perfect coffee table for your home

Coffee tables can be a major part of your home, but some are more important than others.

We’re looking at the best coffee tables for your space and style.


Wood, stone or tile?

Choose from an assortment of options, whether it’s from a wood or stone coffee table.

Whether it’s a single or double-height, the table should have a minimum of 3 feet of horizontal clearance.

For example, a three-foot table is about the size of a large couch.


Aero wood or marble?

Choose the wood, stone, or marble option, which will add weight to the table.


Choose from a variety of styles: A traditional, wood-block coffee table is perfect for a quiet, intimate setting.

An open-air coffee table can make a beautiful addition to your home or office.

Choose a design that will complement your decor.


Choose the top-quality wood or glass surface.

Some tables are constructed with a solid wooden base that allows for a clean and smooth finish.

Others are built from solid stone or wood.

Choose wisely with the wood or tile option.


Choose materials for the wood: The more materials you use, the more you can improve the look and feel of the coffee table and enhance its durability.

Wood is often used for furniture, but it’s also found in many other decorative materials, including tile, wall paper, and more.