What to know about the Trump family’s latest project

President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka Trump has completed her first major project since her father became president.

The family is working on a project for a New York-based company called Caffe Latte, which will produce a range of beverages.

The company is based in Brooklyn, and the project will be located in the Bronx.

“The brand will be based in the neighborhood where Ivanka was born and raised,” said Eric Miller, CEO of Caffe.

“She has a lifelong passion for making quality, quality beverages that make her proud.”

The project will produce four different types of coffee, including a “special blend” made from espresso, and three varieties of iced coffee.

Miller said the brand will offer different coffee and iced drinks depending on the day.

Ivanka is currently on a short trip to Italy.

Caffe Latke’s website says the brand is currently in the works, and it’s aiming to release its first products by the end of 2017.