Why do we love to look at our feet in photos?

It may sound a bit corny, but this is how we love looking at our toes.

But, why?

Well, in a new study, researchers from Oxford University and King’s College London found that the reason is simple: they’re all connected.

When a group of volunteers took pictures of themselves standing on their toes, the images were seen as more interesting than those of the opposite sex.

And when the volunteers were asked to rank how they thought the pictures were, those on their left hand rated the photos as more informative than those on the right hand.

“People tend to think of their feet as a single location, so they tend to view pictures on the left hand as more important,” said Dr James Walker, lead author of the study and a researcher at Oxford’s Institute of Psychological and Brain Sciences.

“But when we look at the pictures on our right, they’re less important than pictures on either side.”

This was particularly true when the pictures of the left were taken while standing on one foot.

“When we’re standing on our toes we tend to focus on the images of the right foot and our right hand,” said Walker.

“So we think of our right foot as the primary source of information.”

The team then ran the same test with images of other people, and found that people on the opposite side of the world rated the images on their right hand as less informative than images on the same side.

And the researchers say this isn’t just about the feet.

People also think about how they look at other parts of their bodies, including the arms, the legs and even the face.

“So when we’re sitting down, people are more likely to think about the face,” said Professor Walker.

“This is because the left side of your face is the source of all your facial information.”

So why does this happen?

Walker says that this can be explained by the way we feel when we are walking, which influences our perception of how others look at us.

“For people who are used to sitting in a chair or holding a desk, we tend not to think much about our posture,” he said.

“The left side tends to be where our gaze is most important and so we’re more likely not to pay attention to the face.”

This could mean that in the future, when we want to look good, we’ll have to pay more attention to our feet.