A white coffee maker made from bamboo

The maker is made from the bamboo wood of the bamboo family tree.

It’s a white coffee pot with a black lid and an orange handle.

The maker uses a bamboo frame and is designed for small-scale production.

It weighs around 8kg and is made by a Chinese company.

The lid has a metal ring around it to make it a bit more ergonomic.

The handle is made of a material called bamboo tansu, which is very lightweight and lightweight but doesn’t look like it’s going to be durable, so it’s not a perfect fit for the type of coffee you drink.

The bamboo frame can be made from materials that can be easily bought locally or imported.

The company has been producing the bamboo pot since the mid-2000s, and they have a range of bamboo products for the consumer.

It is a good option for the budget-conscious coffee aficionado.