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How to make your own coffee table centerpiece

Make your own custom coffee table that is inspired by Irish history.This piece of furniture is a coffee table from the 15th century.It is decorated with a beautiful holly, moss and flowers.You can decorate it with your own Irish motif or with the popular Irish landscape motif.If you are not sure about what kind of […]

How to create a new retro coffee table design from scratch

Coffee tables are a classic design staple, but the design world has been slow to catch up with the technology and trends that are making them more versatile, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing.The latest crop of retro coffee tables are not only making their way into our homes and offices, but they’re also making their mark […]

RTE announces the launch of ‘RTE: The Real Story’ documentary series, the first to be aired in Ireland

RTE has today announced the launch a new documentary series on the lives of the people behind the Irish Nationalist party (INP).The programme will air on RTE1, RTE2 and RTE3, RTH1, RTÉ Radio 1, RTE2, RTÍ, Radio Ulster, RTI, RTLÉ, RUV, RENÉ, RTG1 and RTV 6.“In the last two years, I have been inspired to […]

How the Canadian economy is adapting to a changing market

An oil-price rout that was sparked by the U.S. presidential election has pushed Canada’s economy toward the edge of a recession.The Conservative government has cut government spending and increased taxes.Meanwhile, some analysts warn that a fall in crude prices could drive prices higher, potentially putting pressure on the Canadian dollar.A report released Tuesday by the […]

How to build a coffee table with Havalance, a new product from Havalant and the U.S. military

Havalanced is a coffee-table concept from the U!S.Army that uses a high-tech lattice design that uses the same materials used for high-end furniture.It’s designed to withstand heavy use over the course of many years, according to the company.Havalent is also the brainchild of a team of military designers who worked with the military to develop […]