How to build a coffee table with fancy coffee table accessories

This is the first in a series of articles on DIY coffee table furniture.If you are a newbie to DIY coffee tables, check out our previous DIY coffee Table articles.Read More .This stylish and easy-to-use design has all the pieces needed to make a great home office.It features a built-in tabletop stand that sits upright […]

Coffee table accessories that will get you coffee in no time

Coffee table furniture is getting trendy.And if you’re looking to save money and have an excuse to spend money on coffee, here are some of the best accessories out there.source title ‘Cool coffee table accessories for every budget’ article Whether you’re a coffee lover or a coffee-lover who wants to have more fun while […]

Amazon coffee table for $25 and up is worth $25,000

Amazon has made a coffee table with a sleek aluminum frame, and it has some serious bells and whistles.You can buy it from Amazon for $30.The specs for the Amazon Cafe Chair are pretty impressive: 8.2lbs, 11.3 inches, 15,000 hours, and a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds.It comes with a leather back and a 3.5 […]

Samsung announces new $20.5 million ‘laptop lounge’ to celebrate 100th anniversary of the company

New Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.(005930.KS) will introduce a $20,000 laptop lounge at its annual conference on October 1 in Singapore.The lounge will feature three spacious seats, two of which are equipped with flat screens and an LCD display.The third seat, on the left, has an iPad.The lounge will be the first Samsung lounge in Singapore […]

Coffee table accessories for Moroccan fashion: Classic style

Coffee tables can look like a collection of modern conveniences, but some Moroccan designers have always gone for the old school, using the timeless and timelessly beautiful look.1 / 3 Coffee table Accessories for Moroccans Vintage style Moroccan coffee tables are one of the most sought after pieces of furniture and they are very popular […]