Modernism in the Coffee Table

Coffee tables are an essential part of modern homes.They are the ideal size for a sofa, desk or couch.They have a lot of furniture that can be stacked on top, so you can put your computer on top of the table, and you can store books and other items.The most important part of a coffee […]

Samsung announces new $20.5 million ‘laptop lounge’ to celebrate 100th anniversary of the company

New Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.(005930.KS) will introduce a $20,000 laptop lounge at its annual conference on October 1 in Singapore.The lounge will feature three spacious seats, two of which are equipped with flat screens and an LCD display.The third seat, on the left, has an iPad.The lounge will be the first Samsung lounge in Singapore […]

How to build a modern, contemporary coffee table: DIY

With so many contemporary coffee stools and coffee tables now available, DIY coffee table builder Michael Stoddart has set himself a challenge.“I’m going to build my own coffee table for every room in the house, and I want to make it functional, aesthetically pleasing and, most importantly, functional for the whole family,” he says.“It will […]