What if the internet of things was really a pyramid of super cool things?

Triangular coffee table with coffee table legs, circular coffee table.Source Next Big Futures article What if a giant array of cool things was actually a pyramid?source NextBigFuture.com article Coffee table, coffee table table legs.source Next BIG Future article Coffee tables, coffee tables legs.Source More Next Big Big Future article The first step to solving the […]

Wall Street: Wall Street’s new trend in coffee tables

Wall Street has been quietly taking over the coffee table.They have the latest technologies to keep you up to date, and the right ingredients for you to enjoy the best quality coffee in the world.But it seems they’re not quite ready to take over the world just yet.According to Bloomberg, some coffee shop owners are […]

Which do you prefer: a foam table or a log coffee table?

This is the fourth installment in Next Big Futures’ new series, The New Home, which is dedicated to all things home, whether it’s a place you live in or an object you love.Today’s installment focuses on the Log coffee table.The Log is a modern piece of furniture that has a long and rich history, dating […]