What to know about the new technology in the new generation of tablets

When Apple unveiled the iPhone X, it wasn’t surprising to hear the company’s CEO Tim Cook referred to the device as a “gothical” coffee table.Apple’s latest tablet, the iPad Pro, is not so happy about being referred to that way.In a tweet, Cook said the device was “the ultimate coffee table,” and suggested the term […]

I’m on my way to buy an old coffee table in NYC for $200,000

I’m one of the lucky people who got the chance to see the brand new coffee table from the creators of The Hobbit movie series and a brand new design that’s also going to make the movie theater in my town a bit less crowded.It’s a stunningly beautiful piece of art from artist and designer […]

Wall Street: Wall Street’s new trend in coffee tables

Wall Street has been quietly taking over the coffee table.They have the latest technologies to keep you up to date, and the right ingredients for you to enjoy the best quality coffee in the world.But it seems they’re not quite ready to take over the world just yet.According to Bloomberg, some coffee shop owners are […]