How to buy a $200,000 condo in Norway without breaking the bank

I came home from my day job and saw the sign on my front door, a huge advertisement for a condo in Oslo.I thought I would take it.I don’t normally do this, I’m a real estate agent, but this was something special.I bought the condo, but it was a rental unit, a condo with no […]

When the ‘big boys’ are still doing what the ‘little boys’ do: The new coffee table

Overstock, which had $19 billion in revenue in the third quarter, is on track to beat its earnings for the fiscal year that begins March 30.Overstock shares jumped nearly 10 percent on Thursday, trading at $38.82 on Nasdaq.The company has said it expects to post earnings of $4.65 per share for the quarter.Over the past […]

How to make a white coffee table with an Asian coffee table

I recently had the honor of working with a few Asian designers on a coffee table.It was something they wanted to try, and so, naturally, I asked them what it was like to be working with an actual Asian designer.Here’s what they had to say: 1.The Designer: Aimee Iqbal-Jumail 1.Aimees designer experience in Singapore.A.I. is […]